New - POLLAST!C Bags

Made from 100% Ocean Bound Plastic Pollution - a world first


We make Better....

PACKED WITH IMPACT Our collective impact to date
plastic bottles equivalent of pollution removed
litres of water saved
trees planted
of CO2 has been offset
people and their communities helped

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Festive Mailers

“I’m Good as Gold” is adorned with gold stars drawn by Better Packaging’s founders’ children (they have 6 between them!). Proceeds from this design will go to supporting children impacted by climate change.

“I’m Here for a Good Time (not a long time)” is our party pack dotted with gold, pink and forest green confetti – ‘tis the season!

Reusable Mailers

SWOP = Sustainable Way of Posting.

This mailing satchel can be used over and over again to send goods in. It's made almost entirely from natural renewable materials; organic cotton, FSC certified recycled paper and a plant-based coating. Cool huh?!

Blue & White Mailers

We love bringing out new colours and these two have been top of the list for a while. Still totally home compostable and 200% carbon offset, just a new colour!

- Our white “Real Dirt Bag” is a fresh, crisp neutral to complement all brands

- “I’m too Good to be Blue" is our homage to Yves Klein and his eponymous, deep yet vibrant hue.

"One day landfills won't exist because every thing will be valued.There will be no waste.That's my dream"

Becs Percasky, co-founder of The Better Packaging Co.

Zip Lock Bags

I’m clearly Better!

I’m a reusable, home compostable Zip Lock Bag, available in 5 handy sizes.


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