Blue Adaptation

Ocean-inspired, Divemaster-designed, sustainable swim + activewear.

Blue Adaptation offers environmentally conscious, UV protective, swim & activewear inspired by nature. Our printed apparel features beautiful reproductions of some of the most wonderful creatures in the sea – each piece set apart by exclusive animal prints that mirror the underwater world.  The unique skin markings, ornate patterns, & vivid colors are all realistically captured within the line & then adapted to our species in clothing form, serving as a re-imagined second-skin of sorts.

We focus on the conscious creation of sustainable apparel; utilizing both eco-friendly printing methods & recycled fabrications for our ethically made products.  In addition to donating a portion of proceeds to marine conservation initiatives, our eco-apparel serves as a great conversation piece that allows the wearer to share what they love with others. I believe that if we can inspire people to care about the ocean, we can help protect the species that live there.