Duffle&Co challenge the status quo by using business to instigate positive social and environmental change. They also happen to make beautiful bags! Duffle&Co was founded to give craftsman from across the world a chance to provide for their families, support their communities, and develop traditional handicraft skills. Started by schoolmates Kai Daniel and Daniel Pritchard, the dynamic duo say, like many millennials, they feel uneasy about growing inequalities and social injustices.

Each Duffle&Co product genuinely makes the world a better place! Each bag purchased plants 5 mangrove trees in Indonesia to protect wildlife populations and provide substance to local communities. When you choose Duffle&Co, your choosing traditional craftsmanship over mass production. You’re choosing a circular economy, sustainable carbon negative, climate positive production, and a future that envisions a cleaner and greener planet than the one we currently live on. When you wear a Duffle&Co bag, you proudly wear your values.