We’re a sustainable pickup service and online consignment shop, we collect and give a second life to our clients’ clothing by reselling them on our e-shop. Through our pickup service, we help our community to declutter their closet and upcycle unwanted clothes. This allows us to minimize textile waste and reuse secondhand clothing in our online shop. We only collect certain brands that align with our brand guide.
The pieces of clothing are available on our e-shop for a 2-month period. Once the 2-month period is over the clothing can either be collected within 7 days or donated to Diabetes Canada who we’ve partnered with. By redefining the approach of buying we give back and support people who make the effort to declutter their wardrobe. They get 40% back from the sale of the clothes that we pick up.
We want to make the decluttering process as effortless as possible, we pick up clothing anywhere downtown Toronto at any location. Anytime on weekends and after 5:00 PM on weekdays.
We encourage minimal environmental footprint by renewing our clothing based on the clothes that we collect, on a weekly basis, to allow everyone to create their own personal style, for any season.