Miles From

Miles From is a Melbourne based label founded in 2015 by local designer Robyn Cara.  After having children, she found her fashion needs were different than before.  Robyn no longer wanted tops, jackets or pants that clung in all the wrong places. She needed freedom of movement, waistbands to be softer, armholes looser, and more relaxed fits around the middle!  She still wanted to show off her shape and maintain an edge, but comfort had become the priority. All the things Robyn loved in casual wear but couldn’t find them without paying premium prices led her to create Miles From.
The brand is now synonymous for producing lifestyle pieces with attitude. A strong believer in making clothes locally and ethically, Miles From manufacture 80% of all their clothing in Australia, using organic and premium cottons.
Miles From is available both online and in selected boutiques throughout Australia and New Zealand