Oishi-m [Oy-shee-em] began life in 2006, one hundred sleepless night’s into a new mum’s life, clinging to the edge of normality. It was there in the abyss of ‘new-baby-land’ and midway through a cloud of home renovations, that Oishi-m the Australian Childrens Clothing Brand was founded. Uninspired and frustrated with the stock-standard frilly pinks and baby blues found on the High Street, Oishi-m was born from a passion to create a cool and funky childrens’ clothing line for infants and toddlers. Oishi-m was the result, Oishi = yummy in Japanese and m = for the mini one in your life.

In the years since, Oishi-m has evolved into a thriving Australian childrenswear brand and an award winning business based out of Torquay in Victoria’s Surf Coast. We have a unique philosophy of producing  small production run garments, designed to make little munchkins look and feel amazing, and to last through their never-ending growth spurts. Our garments often sell out in a matter of minutes once released, and blue-chip loved Oishi-m pieces have been known to sell for multiples of it’s original price.

Our in-house production and design team work from our office adjacent to our store designing our garments and sourcing interesting and funky fabrics from all over the World. We also sometimes develop our own yardages and prints and on occasion outsource to local designers to create unique artwork for our quirky brand. We are a proudly locally owned and operated business in Torquay, Victoria, and where possible keep our production local too in Melbourne. Producing high quality Australian made children’s clothing is incredibly important to us and where we can we our Oishi-m kids clothing collection is made locally in Melbourne. We also have great relationships with experienced makers internationally who we partner with for some of our more intricate garments.

We relish in seeing the world through the eyes of a child and are privileged to share in milestones within our community. We love welcoming first time parents, herds of toddlers, pregnant mumma’s, excited aunts and bewildered dads into our shop; we love seeing bellies grow and hearing when the baby’s been born; we love cooing over newborns and selecting outfits for birthdays. But our faves are the grandparents who glow with the news of their growing brood of grandkids declaring “we’re pregnant!”

Oishi-m is an Australian childrens clothing brand with a growing team and wealth of expertise in the retail trade and surf industry. We are parents who juggle life, bear the brunt of tantrums on the way to school drop-off, live half a day before we even get to work. We have a passion for the product with the added flexibility of working around our young families.

Oishi-m is designed for playing, jumping and exploring the world. Our garments splash amazing fabrics together to create funky unique clothing for children 3 months to 8 years old. Little people can vary in size, shape and growth rates so our Torquay designed products accommodate these variances catering for both Skinny Mini’s and the Chubba Bubba’s. We live in the outdoors and have a great appreciation for the environment. We produce the opposite of fast throw away fashion. Oishi-m garments are designed for functionality and comfort, designed to endure hand-me-downs, and give each wearer a lasting, positive experience.

2016: Geelong Business Excellence Awards – Retail Award
2017: Geelong Business Excellence Awards – Business of the Year & Retail Award, Miyo Fallshaw named Inside Small Business Top 50 Small Business Leader