Designed in Perth WA, RŪPAHAUS incorporates heritage into our modern lifestyle through a range of naturally dyed artisanal home-décor and wearables; ethically handmade by our partner artisans in rural Indonesia.

RŪPAHAUS was founded as a response to the vanishing heritage of textile processing and the ultimate impact observed in our modern world and the artisans community in Indonesia; with a vision to create a platform to sustainably and ethically preserve the artisans’ community and their traditions as well as our planet. Together with our partner artisans, we showcase the artisanal craftmanship and the history behind Indonesian textile processing through traditionally handmade products out of natural materials and plant-based dyes found within their local surroundings. All the while we create a medium for local vocations to grow.

With every thread woven, we interlace tradition into stories – every piece of RŪPAHAUS worth so much more than a piece of fabric, as they are a true reflection of the amount of time spent in the making, the endurance of the makers, the untold story.