Savannah Morrow The Label

I believe that creating a beautiful sustainable fashion label, that is honest to our customers and respectful to our
employees and our planet, Is most important. I wanted to be able to wear beautiful pieces and feeling good whilst
wearing them. I wanted to know where they were coming from, who was making them, and what type of impact they had
on mother earth. This issue prompted me to start Savannah Morrow The Label. A label where we will always strive to be respectful, honest and conscious.
Im constantly sourcing and using materials that minimise harm to our planet. From the very start we have worked with
wild organic cotton. With attempting to stay away from synthetic materials, using pieces that come from natural,
100% Biodegradable sources. From experimenting with natural dyes for our coming collections to our recycled swing tags, to our now Bio degradable packaging ( Thank you Better Packaging Co)
We are striving to make every aspect of this label more stainable as our resources expand.
Savannah xx