Silky Tots

Silky Tots is the dream-child of Nikki Bardis, founder of Beach Candy and mother of two. Having experienced baby bald spots first-hand, she saw a gap in the market and created the ingenious solution to baby bed-head blues.

Nikki describes the birth of Silky Tots and her dreamy silk cot slip;

“The idea of a silk cot slip came to me in 2014 when my first daughter, Ollie was a baby. Every time I lifted her from her bassinet I noticed little clusters of hair on the sheet where her head had been. This continued until she had a very noticeable, unsightly bald patch. I had bought the best organic bamboo/cotton sheets money could buy but still, the issue persisted. Then it came to me in a hazy moment of delirious, sleep deprivation… silk was the solution. When I searched online to find a sleep-safe silk product for bub’s, there was nothing available! So I made my own!”

After a lot of encouraging words (desperate pleas for help) from other mums who wanted to save their baby’s locks, Nikki decided to share her secret weapon and Silky Tots was born.

She has since had her second baby, Mia (the blonde, cutie you see on the home page) who has never had a bald spot or matted knot thanks to sleeping on a silk cot slip since birth.

Nikki has been able to draw on her textile experience from her first business, Beach Candy (super successful, must-have Turkish Towels with a twist) and is proud to say that she has worked tirelessly to create a unique product that she is extremely proud of.