Smugglers Underwear

The Captain offers you Smugglers Underwear; a new quality brand offering sustainable and super comfy Bamboo underwear for men and buccaneers alike. Their products are made from sustainable bamboo material with the texture of the soft bamboo, and the amazing comfort & support provided by Smugglers, being truly unique. Their vision for these comfortable, affordable and limited edition boxers is to make it from their website, to your underwear drawer, and eventually onto your floordrobe (The deck mateys)!
The unique Smugglers designs all started as what they thought were mere fleeting ideas, like ships about to sail out of sight! Yet they managed to grab hold of these ships and anchor them down. With the help of their amazing crew, based in both the mighty Australia and the far far away UK, they were able to take the Captain’s dreams and produce Smugglers Underwear. The crew work together and inspire many original designs themselves. Each design is created with team work, dedication and passion. They take every measure to ensure that their designs represent Smugglers, (which is all about fun, in your pants matey) before the underwear continues its journey onto their website and around your waist!
Sustainable. Comfortable. Breathable. Bamboo Underwear for Men.