The Laminated Cotton Shop

The Laminated Cotton Shop makes eco friendly homewares to replace disposable plastic. Melbourne mum Jacinta Taylor started working with laminated cotton fabrics in 2012 and wanted to make this waterproof and washable fabric more available in everyday products.
“Alot of Australians just haven’t seen laminated cotton products before and we want to change that.
All our products are made in Melbourne between myself and staff members. The feedback is our range lasts years and every product replaces waterproof homewares that are usually mass produced from disposable plastics or polyester “
The range includes shower caps, placemats, splash mats, reusable snack bags ,aprons, toothbrush keepers and more. Small batch production means each product confirms with out strict quality standards and we can use zero waste work practices. It was a no brainer to add compostable packaging to our products. We believe zero waste is the future.