Tinka The Label

Tinka the Label is Australia’s latest up-and-coming designer specialising in designer jewellery. With US tech giants, Intuit & Square having endorsed Erin for previous campaigns as an entrepreneur, it’s any wonder she’s considered as the “one to watch”.

Having started designing jewellery at seventeen years of age after finding it impossible to find anything unique for her high school formal, she decided to instead make what she envisioned.

What started out as a hobby, soon grew into a business after attracting much attention with her bespoke designs.

Incorporating her own unique sense of style, mixed with inspirations from her extensive travels as a backpacker, Erin strives to offer her clientele what the mainstream market can’t.

“To me, jewellery is the instrument used to state who you are”, which speaks volumes when viewing her eclectic work involving crystals, gemstones, Swarovski and even vintage treasures for her more exclusive collections. Whether you are a woman seeking delicate day wear or like to venture to jaw dropping statement pieces, Tinka the Label is designed purely for the essence of a woman.