An Eco-Packaging Option at checkout

1: Meadowlark

Meadowlark has begun offering an eco-packaging option at checkout for their stunning jewellery and the uptake has been phenomenal. Within weeks,

90% of their customers are now choosing ‘Eco-packaging.’


Their Eco-Packaging option is a Better Packaging Co. comPOSTubble mailer with a comPOSTlabel courier label.

The change hasn’t increased postage costs at all and has resulted in a significant reduction in packaging time as the other ‘Premium’ option requires staff to assemble a box, fold tissue, add a card, finish with a sticker then pop into the courier satchel. There’s also of course been a reduction in overall resources required; less ribbon, tissue, stickers … and the printed ‘care card’ has been replaced with a digital version.

Meadowlark eco packaging

The Meadowlark team already compost all their food waste, use renewable energy to power their office, workshop & showroom and all metals from the jewellery-making process are recycled. They are always on the lookout for ways to lessen their impact on the environment and understand how important composting is so, “Having an option at check out that is compostable and reduces extra packaging was a no brainer.” We couldn’t agree more.

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2: Spell & the Gypsy Collective

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