The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for our products varies depending on the size and type of product. Please make sure you can meet the MOQ before submitting an enquiry as we cannot make less than this, even if you ask really nicely 😉 For those able to meet MOQ, the following products can be made-to-order &/or custom-branded.

  1. Click on the product you are interested in below
  2. Complete the Enquiry form with your requirements
  3. We will provide you with a preliminary quote
  4. If you decide to go ahead, we’ll supply design templates for you to then produce your graphics/artwork.
  5. We will have sample/s made. The fee for this is $150.
  6. A 70% deposit is required for your order to proceed and 30% payable on invoice once goods are received.
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    comPOST Packs – Custom

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    comFLOW Roll

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    Flow Wrap, Tubing, Film Rolls – custom

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    comPOLY BAGS – Custom

Some things to keep in mind when considering customising your own packaging …


  • BRAND EXPERIENCE: When customers purchase online they miss out on the in-person retail experience of your brand. Sending out their orders in customised / branded packaging is a great way to bring some of that back. What and how you wrap your goods can speak volumes about your brand and its values and provide your customers with a unique ‘unboxing’ experience.


  • DEMAND PLANNING: Customising your own packaging is an investment. You will want to have a firm understanding of your demand requirements to ensure that you don’t end up with excess and/or not enough packaging in various sizes.
  • SECURITY: Sometimes it’s better not to let people who might pass by a letterbox know that there is a parcel there from your sought-after brand … sometimes it’s better for them to be more anonymous, if you get our drift!