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We are Environmentalists . Innovators . Designers .

A carbon neutral company on a mission to design out waste

After working with couriers and eCommerce for years, we became aware, and frankly horrified, at the amount of plastic waste the industry was generating. We now develop the world’s most sustainable packaging solutions that consider the complete lifecycle impact of a product from raw material sourcing, right through to end-of-life disposal. 

Our range of re-evolutionary products have environmental benefits and, let’s face it, shortcomings. Rest assured, we are still looking for the perfect solution, but in the mean time, what we’ve found is WAY better!

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carbon neutral packaging

Our range includes home compostable Courier Bags Satchels / Mailers (in 7 sizes), Poly bags , Courier & Barcode LabelsPadded / Bubble Mailers &  Jiffy Bags  and protective Inserts, Pallet Wrap, Hanging Garment Drycleaning Bags

These products are;

Are Bio-based ie. partly made from PLANTS
Feel and behave exactly like plastic (EXCEPT when disposed of!)
Biodegradable with no toxic residues (or micro-plastics)

Image courtesy of our ‘Better Friends’, Bimby & Roy

Like to see your brand on such fab bags?

Customise our Packaging

Minimum Order Quantities start at 10,000 for our comPOST Packs. We know it’s high, but any lower and there’s just too much waste generated, any we don’t ‘do waste 😉

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We'd like to introduce you to some of our

Better Friends

We love the brands and people using our eco-packaging for eCommerce. We think you might too. What we’ve found is that they don’t just share great taste in packaging, but also values and a commitment to doing business ethically and sustainably. There are hundreds of them listed in this directory. It’s a great place to start looking for Better goods! #BetterFriends #followus on

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And their Customers


If you have any questions at all about our packaging, what it’s made of, how to best dispose of it, re-use ideas, who we are as a company, what drives us, what the future holds, we’d love to chat. You can find us on social media (below) and via our Contact page. There’s also loads of info in our Frequently Asked Questions and our Blog.