comPOSTubble Pockets (x30)


Call me a pocket, an insert, a sleeve … I’m sealed on 3 sides and open at the top (with no flap). I’m a real softy and over-protective! Available in two handy sizes designed to fit snugly inside our Small and Large comPOST Packs to give an added layer of protection. That said, due to a production hiccup, the Small ones are actually 5-7mm wider than our Small comPOST Pack so, while they do fit, they don’t slip in quite as easily as planned.

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These padded inserts carry the AS 4736 certification for Industrial Compostability. This is because the bubbles are made up of 3 layers of film and while the individual layers are thin enough to break down in a home compost, when combined, they do not have that certification. Please keep this in mind when communicating to your customers. The layers are a similar material to our courier bags;  made from PLA (derived from corn), cornstarch and compostable resin called PBAT.

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Small 170 x 230mm, Large 255 x 380mm


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