Flow Wrap, Tubing, Film Rolls – custom

We have had some great success recently producing rolls of our home compostable film for use in flow wrapping machines. It is suitable for applications such as;

  • Magazine wrapping
  • Automatic bagging machines for packaging of eCommerce orders

Like our courier satchels, our wrap is waterproof, durable and certified 100% biodegradable, unlike epi enviro wrap which actually degrades into micro plastics (it is oxo-degradable and has been banned in the EU). We can supply our film as a single sheet on a roll or doubled over as tubing. It can also be produced in various thicknesses and colours – ranging from our infamous matt, black 81um which is totally opaque, through to light colours and thicknesses which will be more transparent. Printed graphics are no problem either, in fact, they are essential for communicating with the end recipient how best to dispose of the wrap. ie, in a home compost!

Combine with our compostable labels for the full sustainable package.

Please contact hello@betterpackaging.com for more info or to discuss your requirements.


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