ØPACKS (x100)

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I’m a better alternative to your standard, plastic courier satchel. I’m a beautiful, matt white envelope with black graphics (as per the image gallery). I have also been produced according to super-high eco standards.

I close securely with an easy-peal seal on a fold-over flap and am extremely practical! I’m waterproof, you can write on me and stick labels to me. I’m sturdy, durable, anti-bacterial and halogen-free. This style of packaging can sometimes be termed a flyer, envelope or mailer. I come in two handy sizes;


I’m flat out better! It’s hard to believe, but I started life as limestone off-cuts from the building industry which were bound for landfill. They are rescued and, in a revolutionary process that it has taken decades to perfect, turned into packaging. This feat of transformation uses only renewable solar power, zero water, acid or bleaches while creating zero pollution and zero greenhouse emissions.

We strongly encourage people to reuse me to send another parcel, to store grains, to write on in the shower (I’m waterproof remember), get their meat from the butcher, or … vegan sausages …

Get a better understanding of my full lifecycle impact here.

I’m accepted by all major courier companies including DHL, USPS, Australia Post, Sendle, Royal Mail, FedEx and many more.

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SMALL 165 x 235mm, LARGE – 260 x 385mm





2 reviews for ØPACKS (x100)

  1. woof1

    I absolutely love these øpacks! I ordered both sizes and they are actually SO beautiful and functional – they are so strong and look like they could stand being thrown around on their journey! The only issue I found is that Aus Post does not allow you to send the large size as a ‘large letter’ (it’s just a bit too wide so the post people folded them and sellotaped for me so I could still use them), just a heads up for anyone who sends as letters!
    Molly @riverandcoau

  2. stephanie.yalda

    I am SO happy with these Opacks. I actually didn’t know what to expect with them because I was getting them alongside the satchels. The price is so good that I didn’t really worry about if I would like them or not. I knew that either way, I would be able to use them. But they are so much better than I expected! Some of the items I ship from my store don’t need to be boxed but the satchel aren’t quite enough support. So I am finding these oPacks absolutely ideal! I will be getting these regularly for sure. Also wanted to say a big thank you for such good pricing on these products. I have found eco shipping products so expensive but these are very affordable.

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