Large Large Mailer Giveaway


Congratulations on winning our Giveaway! Please click HERE to redeem your prize of 1 (=100 pieces) x Large Large comPOST Packs. Use the coupon code LLARGE4ALL at checkout to receive this item for free. Please also add your instagram handle in the comments section at checkout so we can check it against the winners register.

I’m a Home Compostable courier satchel (envelope or mailer). I’m available in black in 8 handy sizes (and in ‘Buff’ in 2 sizes), in lots of 100 fully biodegradable mailers.

I have a lovely, matt finish with graphics as per the image gallery. I’m flat (i.e.. no gusset, but some stretch) with a 30mm flap (not included in the bag sizes) and self-seal strip. I behave just like a plastic satchel except when left in nature! In a home compost I will biodegrade in 3-6 months. Labels will stick to me no problem, and I’m waterproof and strong. Better. Right.

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