Do away with disposables altogether and join the re-evolution of packaging!

We are currently trialling SWOP Packs which we believe is the ultimate packaging solution and will become the packaging of the future – sturdy packaging that can be used over and over again.

  1. You, the merchant, purchase a stash of SWOPs from us
  2. When customers make a purchase on your site they are encouraged to choose a SWOP to receive their products in. It is up to you to decide how much of the packaging cost you want to pass on to your customers
  3. We will incentivise the customers to use our Reply Paid service and send the SWOP back to our base for refurbishment and redistribution. Incentives will include;
    • A discount for purchasing again at their favourite store (yours ;))
    • A donation towards Ocean plastic clean-ups
    • The chance to win fabulous eco-prizes
  • Made from rPET – recycled PET drink bottles – with reinforced seams and velcro fastenings
    • Providing an important secondary market for recycled materials
    • Waterproof and lightweight, yet sturdy enough to ‘survive’ many sending cycles
    • Contain an RFID for tracking and monitoring
  • Cleverly designed to accommodate several different shapes/sizes of contents and can fold down small, flat (DLE size) and secure for sending back to base
  • At end-of-life, can be collected and recycled again


If you and your customers would like to be part of our SWOP Trial (and you’re based in New Zealand), please drop us a line below, we’d love to chat to you about how we see it working.