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Gusset stickers, hygiene liners … Who wouldn’t prefer their swimsuit without a side serve of plastic?! That’s why we’ve developed comLINERS

These transparent, adhesive liners are certified Commercially Compostable (Home compostable cert is pending) so they’ll only stick around as long as needed! Perfect for swimwear, underwear etc. The adhesive is a coated transparent high gloss film produced from wood pulp (especially formulated to contain a high percentage of renewable materials) and the backing is white glassine paper (100% recyclable).

Each roll carries 500, 100mm x 50mm liners.

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Please note, our comLINERS are made using compostable adhesive which has a lower melting point than traditional adhesive.  Garments with comLINERS on them should be kept away from heat and stored in cool places. But, if the adhesive does ‘melt’ off the liner and onto the garment, it will wash off easily in warm-hot water.

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